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Looking for a website,then look no further than “RAZOR STUDIO”.
It caters to most of your web needs.
Well you are the best and why should you settle for anything lesser.
At Razor Studio…You get precision,quick application, bestest ideas and execution,the work that your heart desires.
With the click on the web address, it’s as if your page comes alive.
Rio and Razor Studio are one of the best things to happen to ABHIVACHAN.
Me being a totally non techie person, it wasn’t difficult for Rio to execute my dreams on the webpage.
Always in gratitude ,direct from the core of my heart🙏

Anju Jain, Abhivachan

Our organization Quanto Life has been working with Razor Rio for past two years for all it’s digital needs and we are just thrilled with what Rio has brought to the table.

Rio is a master designer with an intuitive grasp of what we want to convey and is able to translate it in a manner that has captivates our audiences. Many times, he has taken our briefing as a starting point and taken a leap in design that in turn has inspired us. We have worked with him on very diverse projects and he was able to grasp the particular mood and sensibilities of each project and deliver a very appealing yet appropriate design.
He is also very efficient and quickly responds to requests for changes and modifications. We depend on Rio for giving our work that extra visual oomph and being our visual calling card. I would highly recommend Razor Rio for all the services they offer !!

Mansi Bhagdeo, Quanto Life

Working with Razor studio team was an amazing experience. They did a good market research before helping me set up my website. For instance, the team is very approachable, creative, prompt at service. and also dependable in creating the picture to my vision. Because of this, I highly recommend Rio and his team from Razor Studio.

Dr Kavita Rudagi, The Hope Counseling

Really satisfied with Razor Studio’s Web services because the response is fast, very creative, according to the request and can realise all my ideas. Highly recommended!

Rio is an intuitive artist who understands theme very quickly. That’s his strength. As a result, his creativity manifests through the insightful figures which connect with viewers deeply. Rio has created many campaign posters and logo for my NGO. All of them attract respect for what they represent. I am very grateful to Rio for all his artwork.

Mukul Patil, Jayshree Foundation

Working with Razor studios was amazing. It was a breeze. Highly recommended

Khay, NEDA

Rio helped me develop my website. He is very reliable, adept and efficient in his work. He has a lot of warmth in his personality which makes it really easy to work with him