Keyboard and Piano Tutorials

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Keyboard and Piano Tutorials for Classic Rock, Love Songs and Ballads.

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Why do I include this Keyboard and Piano Tutorials on the website about IT business?

Regular piano playing offers different physical and physiological advantages to players. It sharpens fine motor skills, improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Music can also reduce heart and respiratory rates, cardiac complications, and to lower blood pressure and increase immune response.

Playing the piano also makes your hands and arm muscles much stronger than the average person.

Good aural awareness makes it easier to identify and understand sound patterns of foreign languages, can fight dyslexia while it is still developing, and can help you if you have trouble hearing when there is a lot of background noise.

Music is incredibly powerful, and piano music, in particular, can bring out strong emotions in both the listener and player. The piano  reflects human emotion and feeling, so it’s no wonder that people react strongly with joy, sorrow, and wonder.

And the wonderful thing about piano music is that you can share it with your family and friends! Music is a language that crosses all barriers of age, ethnicity, etc. It is a wonderful way of bringing together the larger community, as well as smaller groups of family and friends.

That is why I decide to create this series of Keyboard and Piano Tutorials.